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Membership and membership fee


How to be a member?

According to the statutes of the ISMH the membership only begins after the Board decided by vote upon the admission of membership and after paying the first membership.


Advantages for being a member:

  • lower registration fees for the ISMH congresses
  • professional materials will be available only for members using the personal log in from this year
  • newsletter services time by time regarding the most important events or information
  • lower registration fee for the planned ISMH courses
How to be a member?
Please use the on-line membership application form (above on this page) and we will send you the confirmation after the Executive Committee’s agreement.

Membership fee for 2024

  • 50 Euro for individuals
  • 200 Euro for societies, companies or institutes (collective membership)
    Collective membership for societies, companies or institutes: The proven members of the societies, companies or institutes (e.g. national balneological society, research institute etc) can use some advantages of the collective membership (lower registration fee for ISMH congresses and courses, newsletter services). The membership has to be proved by the society, company or institute at the registration. The members can have the lower registration fee only with arranged collective membership by the society, company or institute.

How to pay the membership fee?

1. Bank transfer to the bank account of ISMH in France:

I.S.M.H. Treasury
IBAN: FR76 3000 3019 8700 0500 3659 563

The address of the bank is:
Société Générale, 12 Place Carnot, 73100 Aix-les-Bains

The address of the ISMH Treasury is:
ISMH Treasury C/O Dr. MUELA GARCIA, Araceli 12, rue Albert 1er 73100 Aix-les-Bains France

2. Euros Libelled bank cheque (best for French members)

Cheque must be addressed to:

ISMH Treasury C/O Dr MUELA GARCIA, Araceli 12, rue Albert 1er 73100 Aix-les-Bains France

3. Online payment can be also done by credit card; please CLICK HERE >>

At the same time as your online payment please report your online payment to the treasurer by email at ismh.treasury@gmail.com

All of the advantages of the membership will be held to you immediately after the payment has arrived to our bank account.

Deadline to pay the fee is 30 days after the confirmation of your membership.

Thank you for your interest in ISMH.
Looking forward to seeing you on our website and to meeting you at the nearest ISMH event.

You may check and modify your personal data here. To log in please
[ Click here ]
You may check your membership fee here. To log in please
[ Click here ]

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